(WSCR) The NFL Lockout has now lasted 115 days, and still, the fate of training camp, preseason and the regular season are uncertain. The one thing that the work stoppage has given teams, is the time to prepare themselves for handling the resumption of football.

“The fact that the lockout has lasted so long, and there were no offseason programs, it gave general managers and the coaching staff the opportunity to put together a bunch of different formats in the event that something like this would happen,” Zach Zaidman said on the Danny Mac Show. “But that’s not to say that we know how they’re going to handle this. Who knows? Because this is uncharted territory in this modern NFL, to miss this much time before the start of a season.

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“And I go back to what Brian Urlacher said … that he believes that one of the biggest factors once some form of training camp begins, you’re going to see a lot more injuries that you usually do. You know, I think the Bears have a lot of veterans that obviously know their bodies, the issue is going to be young players who never have had an opportunity to do things the right way. And are they going to learn, in this short amount of time, the things that you need to do correctly, the way the Bears coaching staff wants?”

One thing working in the Bears’ favor is the fact that there are a lot of veterans on the roster, and they’re running somewhat familiar systems on offense and defense.

“We can say the same thing about Green Bay,” Zaidman said. “You can say the same thing about Detroit. Minnesota is really the one where you’re not really sure what’s going on there.”

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