CHICAGO (WSCR) Many baseball experts have been encouraging the Cubs to trade Carlos Marmol.

One of those experts is Steve Stone, who said early last week they should trade him before his struggles make him less of a commodity.

“I suggested rather strongly that the move to make was to trade Carlos Marmol and to trade him before you run him entirely into the ground or before he doesn’t have any value because he’s the one guy who can bring you something back in return,” Stone said on The Boers and Bernstein Show. “And I do believe that you have a couple of at least candidates to be a closer, but in the past, many times (the Cubs) have taken a guy and held on to him a little longer than they should have — didn’t get in return what you should have gotten.”

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The fear is that the Cubs have already done that with Marmol, who has blown three of his last four save opportunities.

“He throws so many sliders that when it doesn’t work, he can’t throw his fastball for a strike,” Stone said.

The Score’s baseball expert also said the Cubs have few options to use as trade bait, but they need to start getting something with the few they do have.

“You don’t have a lot of bargaining chips over there that don’t have blanket no-trade contracts, so the ones that you do have, you have to start to move,” he said.