CHICAGO (CBS) — Even though he’s currently out of work while his day job is shut down, Kyle Korver’s T-Shirt company is open for business.

As CBS 2’s Ryan Baker reports, along with his brother Klayton, Korver has set up shop with his “SEER” T-Shirts at the Block 37 Mall in the Loop. Dozens of fans put the full court press on the Bulls sharpshooter during an autograph signing at Block 37 on Tuesday.

“When you buy a t-shirt it pays for itself and the rest of the money goes towards our foundation,” said Korver. “I was a graphic design major in college and so I’ve got to help out with the custom t-shirts.”

He’s hoping to use all of the idle time on his hands because of the lockout to help his foundation.

“You want to be productive, right? I don’t want to sit on the golf course all day, just a couple of days not everyday. I feel like I’ve been given a great platform, a great opportunity to do something positive and we’re trying to take advantage of that.”

Possibly losing the entire season to the NBA Lockout just doesn’t add up to the 3-point specialist.

“It’s a shame. The NBA makes too much money for everybody not to be making a little bit, right,” Korver commented. “The NBA made $2.4 billion last year, how does everyone not have something in their pocket.”

Korver has had some time to cool off after the Bulls wilted under the Heat in the playoffs.

“It was hard. I didn’t even watch the (NBA) Finals until Game 5. I just couldn’t watch it. It’s tough. You hated how it ended and nothing felt good about it. It was very frustrating…hopefully we learn from it and move on next year.”

Korver did admit watching the Dallas Mavericks clinch the NBA Championship on Miami’s home court in Game 6 made him feel a little bit better. “A little bit,” Korver said with wry smile and a laugh.