(CBS) In his first public comments since Friday night’s Family Night was canceled by the Bears, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he expects the Chicago Park District to come up with a solution to make Soldier Field’s playing surface more reliable.

“I told them to look at it,” Emanuel said Tuesday. “I want the players and the teams that come, and the fans that want to go to Soldier Field to find a method or a facility that is reliable. That’s what I expect them to do, and I expect the people at the Park District to make the tough choices and the choices that are responsible. I’m not looking for, right now, on the blame. I’m looking for a solution. Different people and different parties have different ideas on this, and I expect them to come up with a solution so it’s a reliable thing.”

Bears Chairman George McCaskey said Monday that the team would take a more active role in the maintenance of Soldier Field’s turf, but it’s clear the mayor expects the Park District to fix the problems, not the Bears.

“The folks at the Park District are going to address and speak to this, and I expect them to have the answers that are necessary,” Mayor Emanuel said. “That is important. I’m not going to cast a judgment or a question about what the Bears should have done, or should do, but I do know the parties that are responsible are looking into this. That’s where I think they answered a lot.”

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