Good for the Bears.

Instead of caving to the demands of unhappy and under-contract players such
as Matt Forte and Lance Briggs, they have used some of their available cash to
upgrade the team.
According to Brad Biggs, our show’s Bears insider, the Bears are paying
Brandon Meriweather starter’s money.
Meriweather signed a one-year contract on Monday and he received a $1 million signing bonus
with a base salary of $2.25 million.

One NFL source told Biggs he was surprised the Bears are
paying him nearly double what the Patriots were on the hook to pay him. It could
indicate other interest that was out there for the two-timePro Bowl performer.
The Bears stepped up to make sure they got their

Forte said
Wednesday he is unhappy his contract concerns were put on the back burner.
Lawrence Holmes reported the Bears offer to Forte was less than the $13 million
in guarantee cash Frank Gore got. Forte likely is worth at least the $13 million
now but nowhere near the $20 million he likely is seeking.

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plenty of Bears as we preview the season opener Thursday and Friday between
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This signing and other moves have quickly reduced the
Bears’ salary-cap figure from the $19 million it’s been reported to be at. How
quickly Meriweather is prepared to play remains to be seen. It’s unlikely he
will start this week but he could begin pushing Major Wright soon

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