Wednesday; we Turn The Page at 9:30, setting up the weekend’s football games that enter our minds as last week fades tot he background.

Transition with Hub and Hanley at 9: Matt Hasselbeck’s Bears-Pack decision from ’98, Martz and balance, and who knows what else.

Guests: Mike Florio at 10, on all the NFL happenings via the prism of, Chris Kuc on the Hawks debut in Saskatoon last night, Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel on superconferences and the college football landscape at 11, and Illini head coach Ron Zook on his 3-0 team at noon.

It’s Jay Day, and Mike Martz fairytale day at Halas Hall; our Zach Zaidman will be up there getting the vibe, and all the pertinent sound.

Aramis Ramirez negotiates through the media, while Jim Hendry swings by Wrigley for smiles and friendly pats on the back. Some fitting strangeness for the last night game at Wrigley.

Join us at 9.