BOSTON (CBS) — Several reports in Boston say Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has agreed to come to the Cubs on a five-year deal.

John Dennis of WEEI sports radio in Boston reports the Red Sox gave the Cubs permission to talk with Epstein last week, and the deal worth more than $15 million is expected to be finalized by weeks’ end.

Negotiations are still in progress for compensation with the Red Sox, who still have Epstein under contract for another season.

WEEI reports the Cubs have yet to agree to a title for Epstein. But the Boston Herald reported Tuesday that Epstein’s position with the Cubs is believed to include powers greater than he had in Boston.

WBZ-TV in Boston reports it is “likely” that Epstein will be heading to the Cubs as basically a President and GM. He will likely sign a five-year deal that could be worth somewhere around the $15-to-20-million mark in total, WBZ reports.

WBZ reported that the Red Sox will get compensation in return because Epstein has one year left on his contract.

It would not be a player on the Cubs major league roster. It would be prospects and cash.