(WSCR) There’s still time for the NBA to salvage an entire 82-game season, but that time is quickly running out.

“You keep hearing these artificial deadlines. Now we really are at the point where it has to get done this weekend if you’re going to salvage an 82-game schedule,” K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “From what the people I have talked to have said, this is Stern last CBA he’s going to negotiate … I don’t think he wants his last legacy (to be) a cancelation of regular season games for only the second time in league history. It already happened once under his watch.

“You have owners who are prepared to sit out the season, but I think what you’re seeing is this sense of urgency that this is it – you gotta get a deal done by this weekend. If they do get a deal done by this weekend, I keep hearing from both sides, they want to play an 82-game season.”

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