(WSCR) With the Theo Epstein regime taking over at Wrigley Field, it is likely Epstein and Co. will look to generate more money for the Cubs.

When most teams search for more money, they simply add signage funded by corporate sponsorship. The Cubs, however, have a face a difficult challenge in that they play at Wrigley Field, which is protected by landmark status. This means the Cubs are extremely limited as to what they can do and where they can add signs.

The Score’s legal analyst Eldon Ham joined The Boers and Bernstein Show to discuss the issues facing the Cubs.

“In terms of getting money, if it’s public funding, one group is going to object,” Ham said. “If it’s private funding, that’s only going to happen if you have some big sponsorship viability. As soon as that starts, then you’re going to get the objection there. You’re probably going to have the most wiggle room with the latter. There are some creative ways that you can do that, in terms of what you put on that stadium on the outside.”

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