(WSCR) When Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin sits down in front of the Cubs’ brass for the first interview in the club’s managerial search, his interview will likely be unlike any he’s ever had.

The Chicago Tribune reports each candidate will be put in game situations in which they will be handed lineup cards, stats, a history of the relievers’ workloads and other relevant facts. Then, the candidate will watch game tape and president of baseball operations Theo Epstein, general manager Jed Hoyer, assistant general manager Randy Bush and scouting director Jason McLeod will stop the tape at various times to ask the candidate what he would do in particular situations.

This is the same process Epstein used when he hired Terry Francona in Boston.

“We’d try to create some intensity, so we got right in his face and asked for an answer pretty quickly,” Epstein said. “We weren’t looking so much as to what the managerial candidate said, in terms of the strategy he would employ, but what pieces of information he would use — what his thought process would be in trying to make a decision (under pressure).”

Epstein also said chairman Tom Ricketts will not be present during the interviews, but he will have a say in who the Cubs’ next manager will be.

“Tom and the board will meet with our recommendation before moving forward,” Epstein said.

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