By Jay Zawaski-

The last two weeks in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks have been a roller coaster ride.  A big win in Vancouver was immediately forgotten after two embarrassing, blowout losses in Calgary (a 5-2 loss) and Edmonton (a 9-2 loss).  Then, the Hawks played their best game of the trip in San Jose, only to lose 1-0.  Two wins over Anaheim and LA, and a peek at the standings (the Hawks are first in the West) have everyone feeling better, but somehow, those big losses linger.

Long time hockey observers will tell you, “those games happen,” and they do.  But the games in Calgary and Edmonton were alarming, especially since they were in back to back games.

In all likelyhood, those games will be a silly footnote to a long playoff run, but that bug is planted in my brain.  How does that even happen?  How does a team as talented as the Blackhawks look so God awful?  I have no recollection of any recent Red Wings team ever getting punked in back to back games like that.

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