(WSCR) Tim Tebow’s outspoken religious views are of no surprise.

But one former NFL quarterback, who is also an outspoken evangelical Christian, is sending Tebow a little piece of advice.

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“You can’t help but cheer for a guy like that,” former NFL star Kurt Warner told the Arizona Republic. “But I’d tell him, ‘Put down the boldness in regards to the words, and keep living the way you’re living. Let your teammates do the talking for you. Let them cheer on your testimony.’

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“I know what he’s going through, and I know what he wants to accomplish, but I don’t want anybody to become calloused toward Tim because they don’t understand him, or are not fully aware of who he is. And you’re starting to see that a little bit.”

Warner also said Tebow’s actions should speak louder than his words.

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“The greatest impact you can have on people is never what you say, but how you live,” Warner said. “When you speak and represent the person of Jesus Christ in all actions of your life, people are drawn to that. You set the standard with your actions. The words can come after.”