Updated 11/30/11 – 8:52 p.m.

HOFFMAN ESTATES (CBS) — A Hoffman Estates High School teacher has quit her job after being suspended for not letting officials know she was living with a student.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports that Hoffman Estates math teacher Leonore Ulaszek, 36, was put on leave in September – a day after officials were notified she had been living with a student since August. She quit earlier this month.

While she has not been charged with a crime, police have launched an investigation.

Ulaszek began tutoring the boy in the spring.

The district said Ulaszek told them that later, the student’s mother was moving out of the district and the teen wanted to stay at Hoffman Estates High School because of scholastic progress he’d made there.

So, with the mother’s knowledge, Ulaszek offered up her place, agreeing to withhold the information from the school.

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Ulaszek was not available to answer questions about why she quit, but School Township High School District 211 provided paperwork that spelled out the situation.

The district said Ulaszek revealed she had been living with a student.

In a letter to Ulaszek, Superintendent Nancy Robb wrote “I believe you engaged in the exploitation of a student by abuse of position. … You are the subject of a … DCFS formal investigation of child abuse with the specific allegation of sexual exploitation.”

Robb wouldn’t comment on camera, but the Jason Spoor, president of the District 211 Teachers’ Union, read a statement saying, “When there are issues of concern, we look to work with the district administration to address those situations in a manner that maintains the integrity of our profession and best insures the safety and well-being of our students.”

District officials said they learned a student might be living with Ulazsek on Sept. 13. They called the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to report it.

They also said they interviewed Ulaszek on Sept. 14, when she admitted to the living arrangement, but denied having any sexual contact with the teen, saying she only gave him hugs goodnight.

While staying in Ulaszek’s apartment the student had his own bedroom and bathroom, and had a key to the apartment. He moved in about a week before classes started in August. Ulaszek paid for his food, clothes and spending money and provided him with a car and paid for the gas.