By: David Schuster

To no ones surprise the first player to show up at the Bulls practice facility on Thursday was Derrick Rose.  And to even less surprise Rose said he’s ecstatic to be back and still blames himself for last season’s playoff loss to Miami.

Rose looked to be in game shape already. He looked a bit leaner then last year but said he will not run down like he did at the end of last season.

Rose also said he would be more then happy to go to battle with the same squad the Bulls had last season. He might be but I’m not. Sometimes the players themselves are the worst judges of what a team truly needs. Remember Michael Jordan who used to bug Jerry Krausse all the time about picking up this player or that? Thankfully Krausse never listened to Jordan and added his own choices that helped win 6 titles.

Rose said he would be fine with having Keith Bogins back as his running mate in the backcourt. I have no problem with Bogins being on the roster and playing some kind of reserve role. But starting and giving you almost no scoring? Not a chance.

Rose did take the practical approach of being underdogs (again). Rightfully so Miami is being installed as the favorite to win it all this season. Having that chip on the shoulder usually seems to fuel teams and that should be the case with the Bulls this season.

Last year Rose set a goal of being the league’s MVP and sure enough he captured that award. This year his sights are even higher stating he just wants to win a championship.

I’ve been around a lot of great athletes and the great ones usually not only set their sights high but often attain their goals. I, for one, will never doubt Derrick Rose. He truly is that good.