ANTIOCH (CBS) — An Antioch church has received so many gifts to replace the ones stolen in a theft last week that it may be able to help out another local charity struggling to meet its growing demand.

Pastor Ellen Arthur at Saint Stephen Lutheran Church says gifts and donations from around the country have gone beyond just replacing the toys and gifts stolen last week.

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The story on went viral when it was featured on the Drudge Report last week.

“We’re humbled by the generosity of people, both near and far,” she said. “There have been some items that have come some distance.”

Arthur says the church can now meet its commitment to help with the Open Arms Mission adopt-a-family project–and perhaps a neighboring charity as well.

Catholic Charities says it’s “desperately” seeking 450 more donors to help out needy children and families in Lake County. The charity has reported had an increase in gift requests but a drop in donors.

“As wonderful a Christmas as the kids around here are gonna have, and we’ll see if we can’t get a hold of Catholic Charities and share some of those things so those kids can have a good Christmas too. That need is gonna continue,” Arthur said.