(CBS) After avoiding the media since Sunday — and for most of the season — Marion Barber spoke Thursday, but only to 670 The Score’s Zach Zaidman and ChicagoBears.com’s Larry Mayer.

The Bears running back has never said much to the media, but after a costly fumble Sunday and a bad decision to run out of bounds, Barber avoided reporters altogether for most of the week. The NFL issued an official warning to Barber Wednesday and a day later he talked, but not to everyone.

Listen: Marion Barber talks to 670 The Score

He also refused to talk about last week’s game.

“My thoughts on it is getting to this next week and just preparing as much as I can to be ready for this game of course,” Barber said.

Barber refused to reveal what quarterback Caleb Hanie said to him on the sideline Sunday and when pressed more about the game, Barber said: “I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but I just move on. Just bear with me.”

Barber went on to talk about why he doesn’t talk to the media often.

“I’ve been like this all my life,” he said. “Really high school I wasn’t a guy to be in a TV interview, only when I was asked to do it. That’s kind of something that I hope people will respect from me. It’s not like I don’t do it. I do do a few, but I believe because of the circumstances that took place, a lot want to know. But like I said, it’s all about this week and doing what I can do to help this ballclub win.”