(WSCR) To one Bears expert, the team’s choice to fire Jerry Angelo was a quickly-made decision and no back-up plan was in place.

“What the whole thing tells me is that the Bears were not really planning this,” Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune and National Football Post told The Mully and Hanley Show. “Usually, when a team is planning to make a change, they start doing this research during the season. I know it happens all the time. There were several teams, some that did and some that didn’t make changes, that were doing their home work during the season. I think the Bears just made this move kind of in a last-minute deal. It was a quick decision, and they really were not prepared to move onto the next phase, which is to hire the general manager.”

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It’s been over a week since the Bears sent Angelo on his way, and the team has yet to interview a single candidate. It appears the likely replacement for Angelo could be the current director of player personnel, Tim Ruskell, who was hired by Angelo.

The rumors reporting that Ruskell may be the favorite have been met with anger and hostility from the fan base, but Pompei said it might not be a bad idea.

“People want change,” he said. “They want radical change. They don’t care, really, about who the people are. They would rather have someone they know nothing about who is completely unproven, who has never made a major decision in their life than a guy who has put his neck on the line. Actually, (Ruskell) does not have a bad record at all and is very well-respected around the league.”

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