(WSCR) Through their first 11 games, the Bulls have gotten off to a hot, 9-2 start.

While the team is winning, it appears Joakim Noah has taken a step back in his progression. One Bulls’ expert thinks Noah’s regression could have something to do with Boozer’s lack of defense.

“There are some things simmering beneath the surface with the Bulls,” Mark Schanowski of Comcast Sportsnet told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “Joakim is out of sorts, and everyone is trying to figure out why. I think one of the issues is that he’s getting into a lot of early foul trouble because he’s trying to help his buddy No. 5 out. (Boozer) won’t move his feet, so Joakim is getting a lot of fouls. It’s the same issues that we saw last season. They’re going to cause some resentment within that locker room if they’re not resolved. Thibodeau, who demands constant, outstanding work from everybody else, doesn’t seem to do it as much with Boozer.  I think that probably causes some friction.”

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