CHICAGO (CBS) — Eating out all the time can become really expensive.

In fact, that’s the number one issue facing the Wrights, a suburban family of six. But they are now on a financial diet.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports on how family members are finding ways to still eat out but save money.

Marcus and Sinora admit that fast food is a family favorite meal.

Chicken nuggets and fries is a meal-time favorite for 7-year-old Autumn, who says she has it every time the family goes to McDonald’s.

The family says they used to visit McDonald’s and other restaurants at least two or three times a week, spending an average of $500 a month. But after starting their financial diet, they saved $360 just by limiting their outings.

Recently, they began looking for other ways to save even more. Their favorites include “daily deal” sites such as Groupon and, which sells gift certificates at discount prices.

The Wrights also like, where you’ll find online coupons you can print out and use right away. With the help of these sites, in the last month alone the Wrights have saved another $90 a month.

CBS 2 did a little research and found a number of sites to get coupons to save money on restaurants. But be aware, most of them require your email address. So, it’s better using an address that collects all your junk mail.

So far to date, the Wrights have added an additional $809 to their savings.

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