CHICAGO (CBS) — Ald. Ray Suarez (31st) thinks home satellite dishes are an eyesore on Chicago’s skyline, and wants to make city property owners move them away from the fronts of buildings.

Suarez says he is tired of seeing the satellite dishes bolted on the fronts of apartment buildings. At a City Council Zoning Committee meeting Thursday, he showed a photo of a building with nine dishes mounted on the street side of a building in his Northwest Side ward, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Suarez says property owners and managers don’t bother to take down decommissioned satellite dishes after tenants move out, and as a result, the exterior walls of buildings become crowded with the dishes, the Tribune reported.

He says satellite companies claim their customers will only receive clear signals if the dishes are mounted on the fronts of the buildings, but really, installers just find it easier to put them up in front than on the sides, the newspaper reported.

Suarez is proposing an ordinance that would require building owners to move the dishes to the back or the side so they’re out of sight. He also wants to make owners responsible for moving the dishes when someone moves out.

Suarez’s ordinance has already passed the Zoning Committee and now goes before the full City Council, the newspaper reported.

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