CHICAGO (CBS) — People have heard the term “couponing,” which has become a way many are trying to survive this economy.

In case you haven’t, couponing is collecting and using coupons for groceries, household items or clothing to save money. You may have a lot of coupons at your home.

The Wright family certainly does. The suburban family of six uses coupons every time they shop.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker introduced the Wrights to a “coupon  queen” who shares her secrets that will increase their savings – and yours, too.

Jill Cataldo has gained national recognition for her tips on how to combine coupons with sales and save big.

Sinora Wright is already a fan of Jill’s tips and tricks and has even taken one of her classes. It’s already gotten the family’s grocery bill down, but Sinora is hoping to reduce it even more.

Currently, the family spends about $600 a month. Cataldo offers more tips that could increase their savings.

For instance, on a good deal for butter – 50 cents a container – she advises stocking up, even if it’s not on your grocery list.

Although you seldom find coupons for meat, Jill’s advice: take advantage of a good meat sale.

“Freeze it,” she says.

Cataldo also advised Sinora to collect more coupons from major websites such as,, Moo Promo Code, or from a manufacturer’s website. Jill also says Facebook offers coupons from manufacturers such as Coke.

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