Rose Pest Solutions is not only the oldest pest control company in America, but also one of Chicago’s original businesses, continuing to grow and serve the public. Originally founded in 1860, Rose has come a long way from selling product to the Union army during the American Civil War. As pioneers of the pest control industry and its modern day standards, the Dold family celebrates its roots, practicing the same ethics that shaped their business in its early years. Integrity, growth, service, and profit are the ideals by which this business is fueled.

1890sratpoisontradecard Rose Pest ControlC. Norman Dold was manager for one of eighteen branches of then named, “Rose Exterminator Company”. Operating at 6 E. Lake Street in Chicago’s loop, rat populations in the city kept Dold’s crew of technicians continually busy. They were true chemists, concocting powders and solutions, making house calls, and protecting businesses and families throughout the city. Robert Dold, son of C. Norman Dold, received a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago and assumed leadership of the business as a most respected industry leader in 1975. rose crew chicago Rose Pest ControlGuardians of the environment, Rose’s dedicated team of pest management professionals continue on the forefront of the pest control industry, using the latest technologies available. The Rose family has more than earned its reputation among its competitors, being most trusted and experienced to the present day when it comes to pest management.postcard chicago rose rat exterminator 208 n wabash 1929 Rose Pest Control

Robert Dold’s Chicago Rose Exterminator branch was the most profitable of all of the Rose group’s branches. With locations at 208 N. Wabash and Rose’s current Chicago branch address at 1809 W. North Ave., there was no question that growth and expansion was in his future. Proudly anchored in Lombard, Northfield, and Rockford, IL as well as Hammond, Michigan City, and Lafayette, IN, Racine, WI, and Louisville, KY, Rose Pest Solutions continues to provide services and retail products above standards today. If you have the pleasure of working with one of Rose’s professionals, your peace of mind will assure you that you’ve chosen the best that there is when dealing with pest issues of any measure in Chicago!

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