CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s called snail mail for a reason.

A check for a city vehicle sticker arrived in the mail this week at Clerk Susana Mendoza’s office.

It was mailed 26 years ago!

The Chicago Bears were Super Bowl champions in 1986. That was when a senior citizen named Gustav Morner mailed a check to renew the sticker for his car.

City Clerk Susana Mendoza posted this check on Facebook. It arrived this week but was mailed 26 years ago.

Stamps were 22 cents and the check, dated May 10, 1986, was for $25. (It costs $30 for seniors today.)

“They brought it on up and said, ‘Take a look at this,'” Mendoza said. “I opened it up and thought, ‘Oh my Lord.’ How is it possible. Can you believe this. Are you kidding me? Twenty six years? It’s absurd.”

Mendoza posted the postmarked letter and check on Facebook and reminded people that applying for city stickers online is much, much faster.

Mendoza says her office looked for Morner, but could not find him. She fears after all these years that he may have died.