CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s time once again for people all across the Chicago area to help raise money for childhood cancer research by shaving their heads for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

As CBS 2’s Derrick Young reports, people young and old had their heads shaved in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, at the 11th annual St. Baldrick’s event at the University of Illinois Hospital on Thursday.

Oncologist Dr. Mary Schmidt said, “All four of the Burdick brothers are going to shave their heads voluntarily, to help people in the future get better from cancer.”

Some of the doctors participating have very special relationships with their barbers, who are cancer patients who lost their hair from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Pediatric oncologist Dr. Paul Kent said, “These are the children that I made bald. These are the children that I put through hell and back. Look how brave they are.”

Guys aren’t the only ones going bald for the cause. Up to 15% of those getting their heads shaved are female, like University of Illinois at Chicago intern Haviva Siegel.

“It means to acknowledge all the kids who have gone through this battle, as well as people we all remember in our hearts, and we still love, who have gone through it as well,” she said.

Don’t worry if you missed Thursday’s event. There are plenty of other opportunities for you to get your head shaved or make a donation over the next few weeks.

Visit the St. Baldrick’s website to make a donation or sign up for a head-shaving event near you.


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