(WSCR) As several former NFL players have said, bounty systems are just a part of the game.

Former Bears wide receiver Marcus Robinson joined The Mully and Hanley Show to discuss the system.

“All those great defenses, you think they didn’t have incentives in the game to separate guys from the ball and knock them out? I’m sure they did,” Robinson said. “If you got Brett Favre, they’re going to say, we need to keep hitting this guy. This guy is older and we need to keep hitting him. If you got a late penalty, so what? They’re trying to win games.

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“Anytime you have a great defense that wants to instill fear in people, I’m sure they had some type of incentives. I remember in special teams meetings, for young guys, especially, the first guy to get a tackle inside the 20-yard line, they’ll give him a certain amount of money.”

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