(WSCR) Since the Saints’ bounty system came to light late last week, it has been widely speculated that bounty systems are simply a part of the NFL.

Former Bears quarterback Jim Miller said that during his tenure in the NFL, he never heard anything even close to a bounty system being employed by one of his teams.

“I’ll be honest, I played double-digit years in the NFL,” Miller told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “I have never once heard any coach or player say that they are going to go out there and take a guy out and put money on it. Never, ever, has that ever happened.

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“Phillip Daniels, who played for the Bears and obviously played for Gregg Williams for the Washington Redskins, and even Eddie Robinson, who played for Gregg Williams eight out of his 11 years, both said that Williams never stated for them to go out and hurt another player. Is it encouraged to be physical? Absolutely. That’s what the NFL is. That is encouraged. That’s a good thing, to be physical in the National Football League.

Miller did say, however, that players would hold personal grudges against other players and would look to play tough against those players.

“Am I going to say that there is not a ‘get-even’ attitude in the NFL? Of course there is,” he said. “If a guy knocks your block off and you think it was below board, you tell that guy, you look up at the play clock and say, ‘Hey, bud. I’m going to see you in 45 seconds and we’re going to settle this then.’ Is that element there? Of course there is. Do I think there are players out there that are intentionally going out there to hurt another player. Absolutely not. Everybody in the NFL respects that there is a line you don’t cross. Now, whether this went a little bit too far for the Saints, which is sounds like it did, but in my history in the NFL, guys knew not to cross this line.”

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