By David Schuster-

(CBS) Bulls broadcaster, Stacey King calls Derrick Rose the “Windy City Assassin” and he was right on target Wednesday in Milwaukee.

With the game tied at 104,  Rose had the ball in his hands with the clock running out. You knew he was going to shoot the ball, you just weren’t sure how he was going to do it. Well, apparently neither did the Bucks, who failed to double team the reigning MVP who let the clock run down to almost zero before he delivered the dagger, a 20-foot fade away jumper that won the game.

“I knew they were going to play me tough and pressure me pretty good, but I had the opportunity to get space and I made the shot,” said Rose. “It’s a great feeling, and I love it. As a kid, these are the things that you dream about. It felt good. You’re on the road playing against a team that is giving you their all and then you hit a nice shot like that”.

Rose has started to develop ice water in his veins in taking these last second shots but he wasn’t always successful.

“It gives me a lot of confidence but I remember a few years back I was missing those shots and I think it’s just a thing of learning from it,” he said.

Joakim Noah was waiting under the basket just in case Rose missed, so he had a bird-eye view of the game-winner and he put the moment in perspective.

“That shot was like out of a movie,” Noah said. “He hit the shot with no time left on the clock. You heard the horn and the ball just goes into the net. That must be an unbelievable feeling”.

And then there was Carlos Boozer, who was also on the court and soon part of the celebration.

“He’s a cold-blooded killer when it comes to basketball,” Boozer said. “We were all going crazy when he hit it. We were all jumping up and down and screaming. You can’t script it any better for us, it was amazing”.

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