(WSCR) The rapport between Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall in Denver was undeniable.

The duo combined to earn three Pro Bowl nominations, while Cutler set the Broncos single-season passing yardage record in 2008 when he threw for 4,526 yards.

Now that the two have teamed up again in Chicago, expectations for the Bears have never been higher.

“Whenever you look at the whole team and the dynamic and the defense and special teams and you bring him into the mix, it’s a talented group we have,” Cutler told The Score’s Zach Zaidman. “Expectations are going to be extremely high for this squad.

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“(He’s) unbelievable. I find more impressive the mental side more than the physical. Everyone knows what he can do physically on a football field. Mentally, just in the huddle, calling plays, him knowing coverages. He’ll go to a different position if he feels the coverage is going to justify it.”

It’s no secret that in order for Cutler and Marshall to be successful, the quarterback needs more time in the pocket than he has had in the past. Though, Cutler said the Bears are changing things to help the men up front.

“The system that we’re going to go to is going to be more offensive-line friendly,” he said. “The ball is going to be coming out a lot quicker. We’re going to help them out in different ways. In saying that, would I like to see them make some steps in helping to upgrade that group? Absolutely.”