(WSCR) It looks like the President of the United States knows a thing or two about college basketball.

As he has done each year in the White House, President Barack Obama made is annual picks for the 2012 NCAA Tournament. As it stands, the President’s bracket is in the 98th percentile.

He accurately picked No. 12 VCU’s upset over No. 5 Wichita St., as well as No. 10 Xaviers upset over No. 7 Notre Dame.


Three of the President’s Final Four teams – No. 1 Kentucky, No. 2 Ohio State and No. 1 North Carolina –  are still in action. President Obama had No. 2 Missouri in the Final Four, but the Tigers were upset in the first round by No. 15 Norfolk St.

The President’s official Twitter account sent out a tweet Wednesday morning announcing the President’s accomplishment with a “humble brag.”