CHICAGO (CBS) –– On the subject of our big election this week, before there’s no more to say, how about one last thing about whom we elected?

Mary Jane Theis, for example, by far the most important person we elected, soon to be a justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, having campaigned like a Chicago alderman, scrapping on the street, hustling for a job.

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Financed by big bucks from politicians and movers and shakers of special interests. One hundred thousand dollars bundled for Mary Jane by Rahm Emanuel, $200,000 given to her by lawyers who may appear before her in court.

The bossmen of the Democratic Party ordered their troops to the precincts to vote for Mary Jane.

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And that is how to become a justice of our Supreme Court: Be a politician, put on a ballot by the bosses, then scoop up, as Mary Jane did, more than $1 million in campaign contributions. Then declare, as she now does, that she doesn’t owe anybody anything.

Yeah, right.

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