CHICAGO (CBS) –– Next time you are looking for something to do on a Saturday night, how about independent theater?

Carrie Sullivan has a day job, but at night, it’s a different story.

She’s at The Factory Theater, a small group in a small space that has been turning out great live productions for years.

“Every single show we do is an original piece that we create ourselves,” Sullivan tells CBS 2.

Most members of the ensemble have a dependable day job and then this unique passion at night. The cast is handpicked by current members. And the shows are intense.

It’s the Factory Theater’s 20th year. The location has changed several times but one thing has always stayed the same: most of the shows are comedies.

Scott OKen is the artistic director of the factory and the voice of reason.

“We started back in the early ‘90s, and we keep putting them out,” he says.

Every season there is a new show. The current production is called “White Trash Wedding and a Funeral.”

The thrill of a live audience and the creative freedom is what keeps this tight-knit group coming back for more.

They are a 100 percent volunteer organization. No one gets paid a dime, but participants love it. And in the end, their goal is for you to love it, too.

Tickets for the factory theatre run about $20. The current production opens in late April. Click here for more information.