CHICAGO (CBS) – Easter Sunday’s coming up. Here’s a thumbs up for Walgreens. Thank you, Walgreens.

I thank you. Father Michael Pfleger thanks you. Police Chief Garry McCarthy and mothers and fathers in Chicago thank you –- for doing a truly good Easter thing.

Father Pfleger asked Walgreens to please take the guns out of those Easter baskets -– the toy guns, dart and squirt guns for the kids to play pull the trigger, aim a shot, bang-bang, you’re hit. Gotcha! Aren’t guns fun?

In Chicago last year: 285 children shot, 42 of them dead. Oh, boy, are guns fun.

Father Pfleger asked Walgreens and Kmart: Instead of guns, how about other toys, or more bunnies or eggs in the baskets? Kmart said oh, no, not this year – next year.

Walgreens said OK, good idea. And in the Walgreens I checked, toy guns are gone.

So, this year to Walgreens, wishing you an extra happy Easter. To Kmart, egg on your face.