CHICAGO (CBS) — In the Chicago City Council today, our slugger Mayor Rahm Emanuel smacked a grand slam. He clobbered the opposition to his billion dollar plan to renovate the city, so he’s feeling his oats. That made it a good time for him to take on the Chicago Cubs’ plan to renovate Wrigley Field.

Hey Mayor Slugger, stand firm. Don’t give the Cubs our taxpayer dollars to build more premium seats, and bars, and restaurants inside Wrigley – and stores and street fairs outside.

The Cubs are worth almost $900 million. The boy genius of the Cubs, Theo Epstein, is being paid $15 million.

The owner of the Cubs, Joe Ricketts, is a Fortune 500 billionaire. He doesn’t need public aid that the city doesn’t have to give.

Remind Mr. Ricketts, as every day you remind us, the city’s cupboard is bare.

A jumbotron, and fancy walkways, and some advertising on the walls? Renovate Wrigley? If Ricketts has an itch for more money, have him scratch it himself.

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