By Matt Spiegel-

(CBS) You’re not an expected juggernaut, able to withstand the early season ups and downs of an established, proven closer.

The White Sox are a surprising contender, thriving off a mostly excellent first few weeks.  This is not the time to stand by your rookie project, when you have a better, obvious option off to a dominant start.

It’s time for Addison Reed to get his shot.  Hector Santiago’s fastball looks straight, his screwball and change-up have both been hit hard at times, and the second blown save yesterday was an absolute killer.  Four home runs in 6.1 innings so far.

Robin Ventura said he won’t be making a swap, but he should.

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  • Derrick Rose looked a lot more like himself last night, and it was good to see the starting five together for patches of that Pacers win.  Rose was more fluid, if not electric, and attacked the basket far more than he did against Dallas four days ago.
  • Chris Volstad continues to underwhelm, and the Cubs stadium operations don’t seem to care if opposing bullpen catchers can do their jobs or not.
  • Two more NFL hits today on our show, with the NFL Draft looming tonight.  Mike Florio and Hub Arkush will join us.

As should you.

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