(WSCR) Arguably the city’s most controversial columnist came under fire Sunday afternoon for sexist tweets sent from his Twitter account.

Sun-Times columnist Joe Cowley was the subject of two separate Deadspin stories Sunday after Cowley made sexist comments on Twitter. After the publication of both articles, Cowley’s Twitter account, @cst_Cowley, was deleted.

The parade of sexists tweets began when Cowley’s flight was delayed, prompting him to question the ability of a female pilot to operate the aircraft he was a passenger on.

After several tweets, Sloane Martin, a female sports reporter at WCJW in Rochester, NY., objected to Cowley’s rant, tweeting: “yes I’ve heard female genitalia makes it impossible to properly operate such a complicated machine. Bet she has an agenda tokill.”

After a series of back-and-forth tweets, Cowley continued to degrade Martin, insisting she “hottie up” her profile picture and claiming “the chick pilot did good … Even though she had to come back and ask for directions twice.”

You can read the full exchange here.