By Walter Jacobson

CHICAGO (CBS) – Richard M. — for Michael Daley, as in former Mayor Daley, the Great Emperor of Chicago -– out of office now, and mostly out of sight. But by no means out of mind.

Emperor Daley is back in the news as he’s never been, as a Great Finagler and manipulator of city and state pensions, stashing away more than $2,000 a week — $15,000 a month every month — for the rest of his life.

Hauling it out of pension accounts that are so deep in red ink the city and state have to cut back on pensions for teachers, firefighters and police. Screaming headlines in the Chicago Tribune about exactly how Daley fattened his pension by diverting taxpayer money.

Nasty stuff, being seen by half a million readers a day and being whispered and snickered on buses and subways. So, that all of a sudden, the Great Emperor has no clothes.