CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s not a good night in Chicago; not for me.

As okay as the weather may be to walk home from here, I’m too gloomy to walk it my usual way — to Michigan Avenue at Millennium Park, then north to the Chicago River and over the bridge to walk by the little plaza near Tribune Tower to stop for a minute to pay my respects to Marilyn Monroe.

Her statue won’t be there tonight. It’s been taken down, and is now in a truck on its way to Palm Springs, the snooty spa town in California, where I know she will not be loved as she’s been loved here.

We have a thing in Chicago for public art — Picasso and Calder and Marc Chagall; and hey, Marilyn Monroe, a work of art more fun to see than the NATO summit will be; Norma Jean on our Magnificent Mile.

The sculpture is called Forever Marilyn, but she’s not forever. She’s gone. Won’t you miss her? I will. I already do.

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