By Vince Gerasole

CHICAGO (CBS) — The clash between protestors and police that unfolded in Chicago over the weekend is news today.

But as CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports, whether it’s a front-page headline or just another story buried inside depends on where you live.

At City News Stand, the local Chicago papers Donna Kosiba sells feature front-page pictures of Sunday’s clash between police and NATO protestors.

But nationally, she says, “I had to look deep in the paper to see.”

The national USA Today highlighted a front-page, stamp-sized picture of a peaceful protester with a detailed policy article inside. The New York Times placed a confrontational picture front and center, but the adjacent article also focused on NATO policy discussions.

“On a national scale it probably made smaller news,” Kosiba says.

CBS 2 searched front pages online Monday, finding the often-conservative WASHINGTON TIMES highlighting shots of protestors marching through the Loop. The often-liberal WASHINGTON POST chose another confrontational shot.

Internationally, Italian papers focused on a local earthquake. German headlines dealt with soccer, and in Belgium, home of NATO, that country’s prime minister meeting President Obama was most important.

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