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CHICAGO (CBS) – He ran a business on the South Side for more than half a century.

And now barber Delmar Dunn has retired. He’s someone you should know, CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says.

In a world that changes every minute, Dunn has not seen everything over the past 55 years, but he has seen everything that has happened at 64th and Morgan.

That’s how long he’s been a barber at that address.

“Time just went by so fast,” he says.

He has seen nearly three generations come and go in this Englewood community. Some who have moved come back to see him.

“It’s like a way of life. I’ll miss the people, definitely, because it was more like a big family and friendship,” says Dunn, whose last day was May 5.

Dunn has been a fixture in this community since 1957, and he’s so highly regarded by the neighborhood that the street has been named for him.

On one of his last days, some of his longtime customers stopped by.

“When he told me this morning that he was giving it up, I said, ‘What!’ I was really surprised but I know the time comes,” Walter Fullilove says.

The shop will not be vacant. Another barber is taking over.

“One of the things that I appreciate is the example he has set for me in the community. He’s shown me how to greet people, treat people,” Michael Matthews says.

Now that he is putting away his comb and scissors, what will Dunn do with his extra time?

“Play a little golf, swim a little, go bike riding.” He adds, laughing, “Look at the ladies.”

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