(WSCR) For 33-year-old Mets reliever Jon Rauch, his time in the Big Apple has been less-than-desirable.

In his first season in New York, Rauch has compiled a 3-6 record with a 4.88 ERA. His latest blunder took place Sunday when he gave up a walk-off home run to Russell Martin, as the Mets fell to the Yankees, 5-4.

Rauch’s miscue unleashed a flurry of harsh tweets from the Mets’ faithful, where some even encouraged him to kill himself.

Check out the tweets below.

@thejimmer32187: you f****** suck. Leave the mets and give back the money they’re paying you. You’re pathetic and a poor excuse for a human being

@Giantsmetsfan1: not to be a dick, but please mysteriously claim to need elbow surgery and give the money we blew on u back and retire. Thanks.

@Therealaceh00d: so sick of your a** b**** you f****** queer you throw like a fag another blown game by #mets #bulls***pen

@TMurph59: (you are) a six-foot-eleven inch piece of s***. How can you be that big and be 100% p****? YOU F****** SUCK YOU F****** LOSER! RETIRE

@Craullz: you are the biggest garbage player in the MLB GTFO the bullpen and learn to pitch smh #yousuck #killyourself

@sullisull420: I hope u have suicidal thoughts Dont act on them though. You’re a terrible reliever.ushould hang em up. Choke on food not in games

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