CHICAGO (CBS) — Going to the movies can be a shock to your pocket especially if you’re a fan of popcorn.

The Wright family is always looking for a deal at the concession stands. they sent us pictures of their recent outing to the movies at the Classic Cinemas in Naperville.

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CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker has some tips on saving money on drinks and snacks at the movies.

At Classic Cinemas locations, all movie-goers get free refills on all sizes of popcorn, fountain drinks, and Icees.

Classic Cinemas also offers its reward program members five cents for every dollar they spend, which can save them money at the concession stands. The program also offers various coupons for concessions.

Classic also offers a Wednesday Morning Movie Series. Through Aug. 8, customers can see G- or PG-rated movies at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays for $1. A spokesperson said, last year, more than 70,000 people attended this summer series, popular among large groups with children.

Movie-goers who sign up for Cinemark Century Theatres’ weekly email newsletter can print out free concession coupons every Wednesday.

This month, Cinemark also is offering a free medium fountain drink or regular frozen drink to all movie-goers who purchase a hot dog or nachos. Last month, they had a deal for a free medium soda with any popcorn purchase.

Anyone who “likes” Cinemark’s Facebook page will get a coupon for various concessions.

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And, from early November to March, movie-goers can get discounts on refills on popcorn and drinks. If customers buy a reusable popcorn and drink holder from Cinemark (each available for about 50 cents to $1 more than the cost of a regular popcorn and drink), they can keep it and be charged just $3 for their next purchase at the concession stand, resulting in a 50 percent discount on popcorn and drinks.

At Cinemark, customers who buy a large drink and large popcorn get 50 cents off their next purchase. Those who buy two large drinks and one large popcorn get 75 cents off their next purchase. And those who buy one large drink and one hot dog or nacho can save 50 cents.

At Regal Movie Theatres locations, all movie-goers get one free refill every time they buy a large soft drink or large popcorn.

With membership to Regal’s Crown Club, movie-goers can buy selected candy for $2 every Monday and popcorn for $2 every Tuesday. Members also get one free popcorn for every $50 they spend and one free drink for every $100 they spend.

Check out Regal’s Facebook page between Tuesday and Sunday, and get a coupon on concessions sent to your mobile phone every week.

At AMC Theatres, you can get free upgrades on drinks and popcorn with an AMC Stubs membership.

AMC Stubs members also get $10 back for every $100 they spend at AMC to use on snacks.

Check out AMC Theatres’ Facebook page, which posts information about deals on snacks that can be particularly worthwhile if you’re going to the movies in a big group. In May, for instance, AMC posted offering movie-goers a free refill on their popcorn if they purchased a large popcorn and large fountain drink.

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Finally, at The New 400 Theaters at 6746 N. Sheridan Rd. in the Rogers Park neighborhood, customers can get a beer and a medium popcorn for $8 on Tuesdays, and two glasses of champagne for $5 on Sundays.

Dorothy Tucker