CHICAGO (CBS) – Oh, boy, in Chicago is the heat on, and how hot it is on Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The convention business has begun to worry about Chicago being perceived as a murder town too scary to visit, which is unacceptable to the mayor because the convention business is his pet project.

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However, much tougher he can be he now has to be. No more telling the gangbangers to hold their fire when children are nearby, or telling us how tough Chicago is on robbers and burglars.

Pointing an angry finger, Mr. Mayor, is good TV, but it won’t stop the shooting. You need more cops in the killer neighborhoods, a SWAT team or strike force or maybe even segments of the National Guard.

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Not a big force, just 200 more cops in just three or four wards. That’s not hard to do. Just ask your buddies in the billionaire banks to help you pay for it.

If you don’t want to lose your conventions and tourists, you better not lose your war on gangs.

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