(WSCR) Former Penn State football player Franco Harris isn’t giving up.

The four-time Super Bowl champion wants nothing more than to clear Joe Paterno’s name of any wrong-doing regarding the child sex-abuse scandal that plagues Penn State. Harris’ mission, however, comes just weeks after the release of The Freeh Report, which found Paterno showed “callous and shocking disregard for child victims.”

“The whole thing we’re trying to do here is clear the name of Joe Paterno, the football program and the athletic department” Harris said on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday. “For people to think that they tried to cover up and blatantly let something like this continue for 10 years, they are so far mistaken.

“The Freeh Report shows there was no cover-up.”

Harris also questions the sanctions levied by the NCAA upon the Penn State football program.

“I still don’t understand why they’d accept such sanctions,” he said on the show. “I don’t understand why the NCAA would get involved with a situation that is really criminal and doesn’t involve the athletic department.

“The NCAA should have never got involved in a case like this. Secondly, Penn State definitely should not have accepted it. We need people to fight for Penn State. The inactions of our board speaks loud and clear about how they don’t work to protect Penn State.”

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