(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to the wife of convicted child-rapist Jerry Sanduky, Dottie.

This, from Schmutzie.

Mike Dawson from the Centre Daily in State College spotted Dottie Sandusky out for lunch in Bellefonte today, and he quoted a tearful Dottie as saying “I love my husband. He’s not who they say he is.”

Well it’s not like she can say anything different that that. I mean, if Dottie knew that her husband was indeed who “they” say he is, why that would make her practically an accomplice, wouldn’t it? Joe Paterno’s legacy has been utterly destroyed because of what he knew about Sandusky, and what he chose to ignore. Penn State’s reputation has been permanently tainted and the university has been slapped with unprecedented sanctions by the NCAA because of what the school’s highest administrators knew about Sandusky, and chose to cover up. Those are examples of people who worked with Jerry Sandusky. Imagine the shame, imagine the potential criminal charges, that could be filed against someone who was married to Sandusky since 1966, and who willingly ignored 45 years of child molestation happening right under her nose, if she had known that her husband was who they say he is. The problem for Dottie Sandusky is that in order for Jerry Sandusky to not be who they say he is, 12 jurors would have to have been utterly duped by a massive conspiracy carried out by 10 young men who were lying about having been sexually molested…and….wait, did I say 10 young men?

I meant to say 11. After Sandusky’s trial started, Jerry and Dottie’s own adopted son Matt finally broke down and admitted that his adopted father had molested him, too. So that means either Matt Sandusky is joining the original Sandusky accusers and is lying about being molested, Matt Sandusky is one of the “they” that she’s talking about…or, Matt is telling the truth and joins several of the other accusers in stating that child molestation had indeed occurred under Dottie Sandusky’s nose, and under her own roof. And if that were the case, Dottie Sandusky would be more complicit than Spanier, and Curley, and Schultz.  If that were the case, Dottie Sandusky would be a bigger child-rape enabler than Joe Paterno himself. And she can’t have that can she? Not if she wants to go out for lunch around Bellefonte without wearing a rubber nose and glasses.

Dottie Sandusky, you’re nearly as guilty as your husband. You’re the get-away driver at a bank robbery. You’re the look-out for a drug dealer. You are a criminal who aided and abetted a child rapist for decades. You should be treated as a social pariah for the rest of your miserable life and WYC?

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