CHICAGO (CBS) — A 60-year-old Bridgeport man was found dead this morning at his own front door. Police say the man was a hoarder.

The first thing the neighbors will tell you about Kevin Hoban is: He was a good man.

And then they say he became a hoarder – keeping stacks of things in his two-story home on 34th Place.

And that that started about 20 years ago when Hoban’s mother died.

Next-door-neighbor Ulises Roman said many of Hoban’s windows were always open, even in winter.

“Yes, the entire four years that I’ve been here, those windows have been open. And so I’m assuming all the deterioration of the wood coming down,” he said.

Roman said Hoban worked in the neighborhood.

“He was a butcher. And one time he was complaining how that the industry was dying out, and he had gotten a couple of jobs at grocery stores as a butcher,” Roman said.

Police said they had trouble getting in the home because of all the stacks of papers and things inside.

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