CHICAGO (CBS) — An autopsy will be performed Monday on a 60-year-old Bridgeport neighborhood man whose body was found just outside his front door over the weekend.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, police and neighbors say the man, Kevin Hoban of the 1000 block of West 34th Place, was a good person, And they say he was a hoarder.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

“We kind of knew something was going on because there was mice up in the windows,” said Kathleen Zawadzki, who lives a couple doors down on 34th Place.

She says Hoban bought the home for his parents decades ago. His father later died, and then 20 years ago, his mother died.

“After that, he just kind of fell apart,” Zawadzki said.

The house has always been a mystery to the neighbors, she said.

“Nobody has been in the house, ever,” Zawadzki said.

She says Hoban worked as a butcher.

“Good person, really good person,” she said. “You wouldn’t know he was a hoarder, because he’d go to the laundromat every week.”

Zawadzki was out in front of Hoban’s house when police were there.

“And I looked in there and all the papers, and the officer tried to look in there and he couldn’t open the door any further than a couple of inches,” she said.

She says Hoban struggled with asthma for years, and never brought friends home.

Hoban had a cat, but Zawadzki is not sure where the cat is now.

“It’s sad when you get like that, and you are totally alone,” she said.