(WSCR) Twitter was buzzing Friday with the news that member of the Penn State community had adopted the rally cry of “Team Outlaw” for the upcoming football season.

Though facts were scarce on the meaning behind Team Outlaw, the group leading the charge issued the following statement to set the record straight Monday morning.

First and foremost we condemn anyone that was involved in the Sandusky cover up and that includes anyone with any remote knowledge of any incidents while doing nothing about it that include the current Governor of PA. There are terrible people in this world that chose to do wrong. We truly feel sorry for the victims that were abused. No child should ever have to experience abuse of any kind. Joe’s legacy is forever tainted by his involvement. We respected Joe for the good that he did but will always be reminded of this when his name is spoken. The statue should have never been built and we were pleased to see it come down. The current President is in over his head and it showed in his dealings with the NCAA. Agreeing to the sanctions without informing the full BOT beforehand goes against things that was promised when he took over. The BOT needs to be removed for the lack of openness which was promised and a failing to reprimand or terminate the President for said actions with the NCAA. The NCAA is a hypocritical organization as shown by the statements on Monday as well as the follow up interviews. They are the only show in town and we have to play by their mandates. We have never actually violated an NCAA bylaw and we do not condone doing so in the future. We are proud of the players that have chosen to stay because they went against what everyone wanted and expected them to do. We hold no ill will towards anyone that chooses to leave. We are proud of the students who have taken it upon themselves to show that Penn State is not about just football and bowl games. The students are going to play a huge role in shaping the future of the university. #TeamOutlaw began as an ironic rallying cry. The mindless bloodthirsty media wanted to define Penn State, its students and all of its alumni as a bunch of joepa cultists, news van destroying terrorists and pedophile enablers. 99.9% of the Penn State community rejects those types of ideas and behaviors, but the corrupt NCAA has now painted the poster child for NCAA compliance as an outlaw. Unfortunately, the #TeamOutlaw movement took off faster than anyone could have imagined, and is now currently being reigned in and better defined. People let emotions get the best of them in some statements. We will continue to support the university on the field and most importantly off of it.


We will rise.

We still are Penn State and will always be Penn State.