EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — Police say an Evanston man who was trying to sell his iPad on Craigslist ended up knifed and bitten by another man who pretended to be interested in buying it.

The Evanston man was the seller.

A Chicago man – 20-year-old Sean Thomas – was the apparent buyer.

Evanston Police Commander Diane Davis says they planned to meet at a public place in Evanston on Sunday to exchange money for the iPad.

“The time that they actually met didn’t occur until almost 11 or 12 at night, but the scheduled appointment was at 3,” Davis said. “And the offender kept putting it off, later. Like, ‘Can we move it back, can we move it back?'”

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So consequently, what would have been a public place in the afternoon was deserted by 11 p.m.

Commander Davis said Thomas grabbed the iPad and ran – and the 31-year-old seller ran after him and caught up with him – but Thomas cut the seller with a knife and bit him on the arm.

Davis says the seller did not know if Thomas was armed.

Davis says somebody in the area called police and they arrested Thomas.