(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to none other than the winner of the 2011 Score Search, Tim Baffoe, also known as Ten Foot Midget.

This, from Ted in Alsip

This crap goes out to South Side educator
In recent article, the Beverly Cub fan passionately explains the story of 16,000 cub fans who signed a petition calling for the Cubs to sign and subsequently give a roster spot and an at-bat to former prospect Adam Greenberg, whose career was cut short during his only plate appearance when he was HIT IN DA HEAD. He’s making an attempt at a return, but the odds are heavily against him. Baffoe does a great job calling out Cub fans, explaining that while Greenberg may be courageous in his attempt, he should not be given a free at-bat that would likely take away another September call up’s chance at Major League notoriety.
However,  he seems to forget a certain high-powered radio station in town that gave him a job as a result of a reality show style contest.  In other words, he himself earned a spot through non-traditional methods.  While I agree that Greenberg shouldn’t become some publicity stunt to sell a few seats to a meaningless September game, in this scenario, he, too, would be getting a job through non-traditional methods. 
Mr. Baffoe makes some great points, but may not have been the right smarmy guy to make them. He should have left that to Dan Bernstein.
Tim Baffoe – Who ya crappin’?

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