(CBS) — It’s something you might expect to see in Montana – or even in northern Wisconsin, but a black bear in Illinois? A locomotive engineer says he’s sure he saw one last Tuesday.

Train engineer Andrew Taylor said he saw the bear around 8:20 p.m. last Tuesday, on a railroad line about 10 miles south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

“I was rather dumbfounded at that particular moment. I thought, no way. There’s not a bear in northern Illinois. Not a chance,” Taylor said.

But then after the train pulled into Chicago, Taylor said he became more convinced he had seen a black bear.

“I did some Googling around, and there have been a lot of bear sightings – increased bear sightings – in southeast Wisconsin,” he said.

A spokesman for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources said Illinois does not have a population of black bears, but he it would be within the realm of possibility to have a lone bear walking the rail line into Illinois, at least temporarily.

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